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3N Contact Lens Cleaner 4.0

RM 169.90

3N Contact Lens Cleaner 4.0


Full body waterproof and easy to clean
Smart reminder status
Silent cleaning in 30 seconds, deep clean contact lens
Protein electrophoresis deproteinization, improves oxygen permeability, and the eyes breathe comfortably
USB charging
3Ntech contact lens cleaning machine principle: After wearing contact lenses, as many as 60 kinds of negatively charged tear protein precipitate in the contact lens vents, resulting in eye hypoxia caused a series of eye discomfort, "washing machine" through positive and negative charge attraction principle, the first electrode Restore technology, restore the instrument through the 30-second working hours through the positive charge, continue to adsorb the contact lens ventilation holes in the protein precipitate. 100% effective clear, breathable state, so clean every 30 seconds after the new Con feel immediately feel.

❤️What’s in the box: ❤️
✔️3N Contact Lens Cleaner 4.0
✔️Cleaning compartment
✔️Data cable



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